• Sunday was taken, using a time lapsed exposure while in the musée d'Orsay 
    Sunday, Paris, France by Christopher Dubia
    Not For Sale
  • Rue Norvin was taken in the fabric district, below Montmartre.  I recall a frantic store owner, chasing me down the street, screaming "do not steal my fashion."
    Rue Norvin, Paris, France, 2007 by Christopher Dubia
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  • Saint Pierre is an iconic piece of graffiti, scrolled on the walls, leading up to the top of Montmartre. 

    Saint Pierre, Paris France by Christopher Dubia
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  • This image taken of a ripped poster, represents a fragile time in Paris - where thousands gathered to protest the untimely death of two African Youth.
    Smile, Paris, France by Christopher Dubia
    Not For Sale
  • Close to the Crazy Horse, before a show.  I was curious what someone posted over the sign and found an interest in the texture of the plastered paper over the government placed sign.
    Crazy Horse, Paris, France, 2007 by Christopher Dubia
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  • Denise, Cory, Tiffany and I, walked all day on the Place Vendome.  We boarded the ferris wheel, toured the fun house and had such a lovely time that day. I recall a giant ape looking at me.  This was taken with my FM2, using the muliple exposure mode.  Amazingly relevant to the digital age - though shot with tmax 100
    Place Vendome, Paris, France, 2007 by Christopher Dubia
    Direct Sale
  • Cory and I walked all day, along San Miguel.  Tired and not knowing the best way to get back, we boarded a taxi, after contemplating hitch-hiking and a ride by a lovely Spaniard - we made our way back to our villa and resumed our daily ritual; six packs of cigarettes, wine, beer and ice cream
    San Miguel, Malaga, Spain, 2007 by Christopher Dubia
    Not For Sale
  • I recall walking the entire day.  I woke, walked down from our flat on Montmarte, to Saint-Germain.  I chatted with the galleries and that lovely publisher, located on the banks of the Seine.  Later, I met up with Denise, we had a glass of wine, walked back to our flat and I captured this in a alley way.  What a lovely day that was
    Saint-Germain, Paris, France, 2006 by Christopher Dubia
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  • At the west side of Montmarte, lay an Atelier - seemingly abandoned yet the most beautiful, functional space.  All I could do, was imagine working in this space, making my art, looking out the window - and sipping on a glass of absinthe.  I visited this past year, nothing had changed, it was still empty, yet full and vibrant - waiting for me to make something beautiful.  I did not make a thing, just a lasting memory in my mind.
    Atelier, Paris, France, 2007 by Christopher Dubia
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  • We walked up Casco Antiguo, as we always seem to walk - wherever we are.  It seemed lost, not a soul, yet these shiny new cars and freshly painted homes - Everyone was sleeping, it was simply their siesta time.
    Casco Antiguo, Marbella, Spain, 2006
    Price On Request
  • There was a demon that I saw one day.  He visited me on the banks of the Seine.  He showed me something special and I was sworn to secrecy.  The Seine was turned into a beach that Day.  Sand, Skin, Sun and the souls of delicate Parisians.
    The Seine, Paris, France, 2007
    Not For Sale
  • I recall sharing this story with the Ambassador to Uruguay.  I tried explaining what this was and felt guilty for sharing this suggestive piece with him.  He looked at me, I looked back - all i recall that day, was walking up to my favorite pâtisserie and glancing into the window of a machine store.  I wondered if my baguette would still be crunchy and our coffees would still be fresh.  It was so early and beautiful - a fresh cigarette, bread, coffee and medicine
    Medicine, Paris, 2006 by Christopher Dubia
    Not For Sale
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